super shoes: VEJA

In a society of all talk and no action, the brand and company, Veja, proposes a “cultural change” by creating some very trendy sneakers and a steady vision.

I came across this brand in a local shop, where I found a pair of electric blue and suede sneakers. After a few weeks of waiting and saving, I finally splurged on the find and decided to do some snooping as to what was so obviously different about these sneakers from my Converse and New Balances. What I found was pretty incredible.

Their main mission is to increase the efficiency of our environment and economy. They don’t advertise. They pay fair wages to their workers. They don’t overproduce and potentially waste unused stock. They transport their products by boat in order to reduce emissions and energy use. Their packaging is made up of recycled cardboard. Lastly, they use green electricity. Although in detail this company may seem a bit too granola or organic in their production methods, they’re taking action in what they feel strongly about, which is more than most of us can attest to. **Not to mention their shoes are crazy beautiful!!!

So thank you, Veja, for making our world a better place and providing some gorgeous footwear at the same time. I guess the challenge I feel inspired by is the simple question of how will I do my part? No matter the issue whether environmental, cultural, war, hatred, etc. there is no benefit from sitting back and watching other people fight for the changes they want to see.

Our world has to change. We have to engage in order to make that change.

Thanks again for the read,


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