college in 8 tips

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Oh my word it has been a while! Finding a pausing point in this crazy thing called college, I realized the number of weeks since my last post is kind of a mess. I figured after surviving what feels like a year but only a month of college, I have kinda/sorta learned a few things. So allow me to share:

  1. retail-therapy is a thing and it is doom and you should never make a decision involving a credit card shortly after a big scary test.
  2. saying hi to people you know or kind of know or probably don’t know is fun and exciting and it’s the little things, ok?
  3. snacking=survival
  4. the library kind of rocks (note: I’ve only been once but it was awesome)
  5. cross walks are the death of me
  6. pizza. rolls.
  7. friends are so fun, and so are late night sonic runs.
  8. sleep deprivation is very much so a problem and idk how to make my eye stop twitching

There you have it, my current thoughts, opinions, and tips of surviving the first month of college.

here’s to another month,


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