jam jam jams

Music is a great thing, I know we can all agree on that. Also, the grammy’s had me feeling inspired. So in my post-grammy feels, I wanted to share what has been the pride and joy of my life saga called “too much time.” It’s true, even as a college freshman I need a new hobby other than watching old taylor swift music videos or stalking someone’s eleventh grade spotify playlist. Also my roommate is most definitely sick of my keeping her up so I can play my new finds over and over again. I found a few songs or two that have been mood boosters or even depressors when I need them to be (if you keep up with New Girl then you know what I’m talking about… why can’t Nick look up from his dang book and see Jess?! besides the point). Basically, a change of music will do it to ya, and I sure have felt a type of way recently due to that point. So enough with my banter, here are some new discoveries courtesy of moi (I’m trying out french. I’ll let you know how it goes). Hope you like em!

  1. Heart Out – The 1975
  2. Somebody Else – The 1975
  3. Talk Too Much – COIN
  4. Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance
  5. Got U – Uno Stereo
  6. Ivy – Frank Ocean
  7. Vibes – Kyle Bent
  8. Cardiac Arrest – Bad Suns
  9. Burn the Pages – Sia
  10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – STRFKR
  11. Dance – Powers
  12. Lonely Cities – Tigertown
  13. Agora – Bear Hands

If sitting and looking up music in your room isn’t exactly your forte, I’ve made it easy for you and created (or found) different playlists for different moods you might be feeling.

Walking to France: This one I think is the perfect set of songs for when simply walking around campus or feeling creative. It’s upbeat and spunky, and its rhythm sometimes matches my pace, which I love because it makes me feel like a super star, duh.

Me: I won’t lie, I made this one in awe of the Pussycat Dolls song “I Don’t Need a Man.” It’s inspiring and encouraging and everything I hope to be as a woman.

Lifem: Emily Mitchell, an instagrammer I found who I’m convinced is my long lost best friend because girlfriend has mad taste in music and clothes, has created the mother of all playlists. I think there are 700+ songs on this playlist, but seriously it’s a game changer.

And of course I have the monthly playlists like your average Joe, but mine are special because I don’t limit myself to one month… no no no, I create categories like Jan-Mar, Ap-Jul, Aug-Dec because sometimes my music just rolls over to the next month, and I pride my organizational skills.

That’s all I have for you. I look forward to the next time I sit down to write.


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