short note for women

To me, being a woman is empowering. As a woman, I am proud of how far we have come. I am hopeful in what we will accomplish. I am encouraged as a woman. It is not about which restroom you use. It is not about which presidential candidate you vote for. It is about us. So, congrats to all the women. We deserve it. 2016 was kinda awesome for us. 2016 was also kinda sucky for us. All in all, we have never let the crappy-ness (is that a word? probably not) keep us down. So chin up because we are awesome, and that’s all I had to say.

oh and happy international women’s day.


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4 thoughts on “short note for women

    • Leena, hey! I recognize you from my instagram. I’m glad you enjoy my social media presense lol;) This top is to die for, too bad I’m balling on a budget #collegeman but seriously thanks for sending me the link! I’ll definitely be purchasing in the future! thanks for the comment, feedback, and encouragement.. you rock!


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