NY, you’ve taught me well

What’s up party people?

If you weren’t aware, I’ve been subway surfing and complaining about tourists to myself for the last six weeks in the Big Apple, and I thought it would be pretty neat to tell ya some things that I learned about my experience and myself while I was there.

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1. A table for one is not depressive, but therapeutic. Back home, I would be embarrassed to eat anywhere without company, but here I found it to be the opposite. In a city with so many people, you learn to stop caring what others think of you because more likely than not they don’t.

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2. Riding a crowded subway with earbuds in and your nose in a book is not only an efficient way to get a few chapters ahead, but also it’s a bit serene. I don’t mean being that person who’s not aware of his or her surroundings and keeps their sunglasses on for a subway ride– that person is annoying. There is something kind of romantic about reading on the subway, or maybe it’s just an excuse to avoid awkward eye contact with other travelers. Ya, it’s probably just that.

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3. Dreams are not goals. Goals are usually led by a plan, and once accomplished goals change. Dreams change too, but dreams are larger than goals. You don’t check dreams off your bucket list or move onto the next dream. Dreams are the big picture. Goals get you closer. There’s a deep thought for your Tuesday morning.

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3. I gained a greater appreciation for the encouraging people I have in my life. These people were my team/entourage/motivators in my not so proud moments of self-pity and loneliness (we’re going to act like it only happened twice, okay?). In all seriousness, being independent in a city that has never failed to excite was so eye-opening in so many different ways, and ya I’ll admit one of those was becoming more grateful for my peeps.

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4. Lastly, I became more confident in myself. Often I put security in other people when in fact I should be discovering my values, opinions, and identity for myself. This summer I stopped looking at the people around me for reassurance in my actions and emotions and began looking to myself, maturing in greater self-assurance.

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Lucky is how I feel. Lucky for what the experiences and memories provided in these six weeks. Also lucky for that Jay Z song that has clouded my bias of the city since I was like 13.

I’m finishing the last half of summer in the heat of Arkansas, but very excited and ready to put that New York RBF to good use.

New York, you’ve taught me well


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14 thoughts on “NY, you’ve taught me well

  1. As a native New Yorker I can relate. You are so right about eating alone. In NY it’s beyond common to grab a table for one. I’ve been doing it for years, usually cause I want to relax from the chaos. I remember being in L.A and having lunch alone, it was the most uncomfortable feeling. It’s definitely one of the big plus’ in my book about living in NY.

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  2. “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them”.” Henry David Thoreau
    Apply those foundations to your dreams. Great piece. Your writing becomes more compelling each blog.

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  3. That’s amazing that you had such a connection with the city! I am an East Coast lover I actually fell in love with DC more than NYC but it is a remarkable city!


  4. You’re in Arkansas?! Me too! So, I definitely feel you about the heat. I loved reading this post, and I can relate to it so much. Especially “A table for one is not depressing, but therapeutic.” As an introvert, I’ve always felt that way!


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