art of space

Hi. How the hell are ya? I’m late and I’m sorry about that.

If you’re reading this it means I’ve survived the two weeks of insanity and moving! yay.

Today I wanted to talk about find personal time and things like that. I find this an appropriate discussion as I enter my second year of college and have my plate pretty full.

I think personal space can sometimes be notorious for its solidarity and isolation, but I really hate that definition, so here’s mine.

It’s crashing on my couch for the forty five minutes I’ve got between classes.


Other times it’s 4:58 pm on a Friday afternoon when I’ve paused my sixth episode of “New Girl” to go to the kitchen and make pizza rolls (I’ve got to find a new show to talk about).

Also it’s my killer rewind playlist that includes bands like The Japanese House or Beach House.


Sometimes I even show up to dinner with five minutes to spare and I get to sit in my car listening to queued up music.

All in all, “me-time” usually consists of the little things in life, and right about now is when I need it most. Sorry for the delay in posting this, I promise you life is actually kind of hectic, but I do plan on getting back on track!

Go make yourself some chocolate chip cookies and turn on New Girl for me!


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