“writing coaches”

You probably thought I quit on my 2018 goal, didn’t you?

I thought coming up with topics to write about would be easier on the spot, but this is a learning process and I’m nowhere near my creative spark. Alas, here we are though!

On this blog, I promised to talk about one thing and that is creators and creatives. I usually default to talking about subjective inspiration from musicians, artists, and quotes, but I think it’s interesting to look at the actual people who inspire me to do what I’m doing: write. By this I mean the literal writers, public figures, etc. whose work and talents I’ve seen and am motivated to imitate.

  1. Emma Straub. I rank her #1 because she’s a phenomenal writer and my favorite personality to follow on Instagram. This past summer I had a fan girl moment at her bookstore in Brooklyn when I mistook her husband for an average employee and asked him to do an interview with me for my journalism class. As soon as I heard his name my jaw dropped and my exact words were, “oh my god you’re married to Emma Straub. I love her.” I proceeded with the interview, cried a few tears on the inside, and ended up getting my book signed by her without actually meeting her. I own all four of her novels, and two copies of Modern Lovers. I also have the french edition of Modern Lovers shipping to my apartment because I’m that girl who needs everything with Emma Straub’s name on it in my possession. I’ve ended up talking more about my obsession with her than I actually have about her writing and why it inspires me, but she’s a unique person and I hope one day to be her or at least just be her friend. yeah let’s start with that first actually.
  2. Carrie Bradshaw. Part of me cringes at this one because of how cliché and expected it is, but if I’m being honest with myself the first time I ever decided that I wanted to write for a fashion magazine was in the eighth grade after watching an episode of Sex and the City and seeing her shoe collection. I thought to myself, “Yeah I’m a pretty decent writer and it seems like Bradshaw’s got a pretty snazzy lifestyle in New York. I’ll be a journalist.” Shows you how little I knew at the age of 13. Nonetheless, her character’s bold personality and lifestyle seemed exciting, and I knew that writing was something I liked so it made sense to go after the same dreams–minus the promiscuity. It’s cheesy, and I’m embarrassed to look up to a fictional character as my inspiration, but it is what it is.
  3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Her novel, Americanah, changed my perspective my country and myself. Her writing introduced me to like-minded authors and stories, which have all sparked a new interest for discussing the problems of America that we so often ignore. Her work is based on topics and interests that I hope to one day have a large enough voice to discuss.

So there you have it, my short and sweet list of the three women who have set the bar high for my dream of being a writer. You could say they are my “writing coaches,” yes that’s fair. Here’s to the anticipation of watching my list grow!

Thanks for reading,


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