she writes it all!

I’m not sure what to write about.

I’ve been in a serious case of writer’s block, and in denial about it, for months now and all my excuses have been used. The truth is there’s a lot of stuff happening in my world, and by “my world” I mean the rest of the world with an emphasis on what affects me.

I’ve been trying to get through my routine winter break reading lists, keeping up with the eco trends of sustainable fashion and saying “no!” to plastic straws (#savetheturtles), and downloading word-a-day dictionary apps to help expand my vocabulary. For the next few posts, you can go ahead and excuse my use of really fancy words as synonyms for adjectives like awesome and cool, because I’m about to get pretty flashy with my word scores.

Because this post is more for the purpose of proving I’m alive, I’ll rely on the default of introducing you to some books, artists, and ideas. Let’s get into it.

Literature. That I’m Reading. All at once? Gasp!

You’re on an Airplane by Parker Posey- I fell in love with this comedic memoir for Posey’s ability to masterfully tell a story with the same amount of dramatic expression and rabbit trails that I find myself akin to. It’s storytelling at its finest, and I’m really a huge fan.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman- I’m only a few chapters deep, but so far this seems pretty synonymous to Where’d You Go, Bernadette, and I am very fond of that kind of drama and plot line. Stay tuned for an upcoming book review.

Becoming by Michelle Obama- Did this one really need an introduction? no. But I’m reading a big girl book written by America’s queen, and I really needed to flaunt that in your faces.


Still Woozy: He’s got some great tunes behind the name and popularity from his single, Goodie Bag. All of his music, though few in numbers, is chill but also cool as hell. I’m really bad at describing music, but– take my word for it– he’s on the up and up.

Briston Maroney: Remember that guy from American Idol season 13? it’s okay if you don’t. However his stardom began or didn’t, he’s been releasing some great jams. Personal favorites of mine include Hard to Tell, Freaking Out On the Interstate, and Rose.

Laundry Day: I’ve been really obsessed with their song, Jane, but I also can hit shuffle on either of their two albums and find myself in a trance. Very romantic, very cool (do you see why I need that daily dictionary?)


My Barnes and Noble Membership- Have you ever gotten really stressed out in a completely non-stressful situation? Found yourself signing away an annual $25 to a large corporation that you’re supposed to be against in order to shop local and support small businesses? But because of the 30 person deep line of angry elves who also didn’t finish their holiday shopping on time, you are hyper aware of the time that you’re taking up and suddenly you say “sure” to something you’re very unsure about? and the woman behind the counter is beaming while packing away your 12 new purchases into a swag bag (which let’s be real, how swag can a bag from Barnes and Noble be?), and you realize you just became a member to Barnes and Noble? Now I feel played.

The Atlantic- In my Barnes and Noble expedition (no, it’s not an exaggeration if you walked away with a swag bag), I grabbed a copy of the winter edition of The Atlantic because why the heck not at that point? There was an article about why we, as Americans, get so damn pissed off. I thought it was insightful, and also terrifying. It broke down the timeline of anger in America, which I didn’t even know could be calculated and fit into time slots, but hey, I also didn’t know I could sign away my life rights to B&N–ok. that was dramatic, and I’m realizing that I’m really milking this whole membership thing. The point is that the article was thorough and made some real sense. Check it out here if you’re also scared of the kind of person America is becoming.


(This is a new section I’d like to call “the devil’s avocado” because I’m so not the person to be asking these questions, but I’m also super curious about them and should just educate myself… so rather I should call this, “things I need to educate myself on.”)

In the argument of sustainable fashion, are we for or against faux fur? If synthetic fur is not good for our planet, how can we please both sides of that dispute?

Is there a real stigma toward calling oneself a feminist? If so, is it based on the fear of being associated with female domination? and if that is true, are we actually scared of letting women dominate? Or are we scared of being men-haters? On that note, why haven’t we moved past this false image of men-hating feminism?

Are we all narcissists when it comes down to definitions? Because we are introspective through our personal psyches, is our self awareness being confused with narcissism? If so, aren’t we all self absorbed due to our innate perspective? Or are we just really obsessed with labeling people as narcissists?

–This is where I draw the line because maybe I’m just a narcissist who is making excuses with technicalities.

Sorry again for the separation anxiety. I truly enjoy this platform, and I hope I can keep writing for you and for me.

Thanks for reading,





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