should be kept to myself

SOS From Quarantine Week 9 [?]

What is the saying? Something loves company? I don’t know anymore, but I thought it was going to be a cool introduction to this.

How the hell are you? Dare I ask, how is your quarantine?

Speaking of — I have some synonyms for that word that I feel like sharing: safe spacing, isolation, iso, hell, social distancing, social spacing, space, and more but I’m pulling an all nighter I think and it’s not coming to me.

What a weird time to be writing this. I mean. . . we’re living in [trigger warning] quarantine. Who would have thought? Not I.

I just wanted to get on this old horse and see if it still rides. I will figure out future posting soon [not actually. . .] and will keep you posted.

For now, hope you’re staying safe and washing your damn hands.



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