August '17

art of space

Hi. How the hell are ya? I’m late and I’m sorry about that.

If you’re reading this it means I’ve survived the two weeks of insanity and moving! yay.

Today I wanted to talk about find personal time and things like that. I find this an appropriate discussion as I enter my second year of college and have my plate pretty full.

I think personal space can sometimes be notorious for its solidarity and isolation, but I really hate that definition, so here’s mine.

It’s crashing on my couch for the forty five minutes I’ve got between classes.


Other times it’s 4:58 pm on a Friday afternoon when I’ve paused my sixth episode of “New Girl” to go to the kitchen and make pizza rolls (I’ve got to find a new show to talk about).

Also it’s my killer rewind playlist that includes bands like The Japanese House or Beach House.


Sometimes I even show up to dinner with five minutes to spare and I get to sit in my car listening to queued up music.

All in all, “me-time” usually consists of the little things in life, and right about now is when I need it most. Sorry for the delay in posting this, I promise you life is actually kind of hectic, but I do plan on getting back on track!

Go make yourself some chocolate chip cookies and turn on New Girl for me!


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August '17

college & Jenna Lyons

I’m moving back to college! *cue applause*

The next two weeks for me are going to be a lot of crazy packing, unpacking, and trying to measure the dimensions of my apartment ceiling for a disco ball (cool, right?). No matter how I prepare, the next 14 days will be absolutely insane.

With that being said, I really wanted to come up with scheduled content to fill the next two weeks. I’m here to tell you that plan did not work out. SO this is a warning that I will not be writing or publishing posts until I find the time to. Hopefully that will be when the chaos has settled down, and I’ll be honest this blog is a priority for sure but school and life can get sort of out of hand sometimes. 

I’m kind of joking, but in all seriousness, I’ll be back to posting regularly on August 22! Mark your calendars folks because college Rachel will be back with her wisdom and messy schedule.

Now, I’m not going to waste anymore time talking about my absence– I actually have intentions for this post I swear.

Today, I want to discuss a quote from Jenna Lyons. Along with several other designers and fashion personalities, Jenna was interviewed and asked her thoughts on being a woman.d2ff3ea8fdcdcb42cd4c4466acdb9ecb--muse-streetstyle

“I don’t think about it in terms of being a woman. Being gracious, attentive, curious, and interested are requirements for everyone.”

I think her response was appropriate and inspiring especially in today’s society when respect for others no matter what gender, race, religion, etc. is often taken too loosely.

We all need to be reminded that respect along with many other qualities should be shared among humanity.

Jenna has always been one of my fashion and female icons with whom I credit a lot of my creative inspiration. I may not mix crazy patterns, colors, bright lipsticks, or bold accessories, but I do attribute a lot of my self-confidence and creative rebellion to Jenna Lyons and her unique style.

jenna-lyons-j.crew-gingham-shirt              jcrew_jennaflowers_201609

That’s all I’ve got for you today.

How do you define being a woman?

Thanks for reading,


While I’m gone check out these cool authors, bands, and people:

  • Beach House – a band I’ve been jamming to for a few weeks now. My favorite albums are Teen Dream and Depression Cherry.
  • Kid Bloom – super groovy band! new favorite song by far is Electric U.
  • @dallasclayton – his Instagram is a daily reminder that we should never take ourselves too seriously, and his art is a whole separate discussion.
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – author of Americanah and other books including We Should All Be Feminists, which is an encouraging and short read if you’re looking for something new and insightful.

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August '17

on the topic of vinyl

Hello all and welcome back!

A few days ago, I became a parent to a turntable/record player/hipster-speaker-system/whatever you want to call it. Now with variety and amateur-knowledge, I consider my music expertise to be heightened (I think way too highly of myself).

If you know anything about me or follow my instagram/watch my instagram stories, you know that I’m a big fan of Spotify. It’s probably one of my all time favorite forms of social media, because I’m nosy and love seeing what all my friends are listening to. I’m also a really big copy cat and love stealing songs from people’s playlists and pretending I discovered it for myself.

This is important in that by getting a turntable I don’t have personalized vinyl as playlists or a side bar telling me what my freshman year roommate listened to 3 hours ago (what’s up, maylee?). It’s really just me and the music, and if that’s not a High School Musical lyric then I don’t know what is.

Obviously my Spotify is still alive and well, and I’m sure by next week I won’t spend all my time playing with my new toy. BUT, I thought for today I’d list some of my favorite things that I’ve decided are worth it when switching to vinyl. So excuse me as I let the vinyl do the talking.

Processed with VSCO with v6 preset

  1. It really is a conversation piece– I moved an entire party into my bedroom so that I could show it off, and people were really fascinated let me tell ya.
  2. Gift giving? check. Some records are as cheap as $18, and others range from $25-40 depending on what it is and where you’re buying it. With that being said, it’s a good price range when asking for specific albums or bands as a gift.
  3. You get to collect vinyl, and if you’re anything like me –a person with too many coffee table books, shoes, and nude lipsticks– you appreciate another collectible item.
  4. You know those artists and bands that you absolutely fan girl over and want every song lyric tattooed on your body? With vinyl you’re pretty much investing in the most tangible form of their music, and if that isn’t convincing then I can’t help you.

My collection consists of ¬†Bleachers “Gone Now” (check out my most recent post on this album here), The Neighbourhood “I Love You,” Kendrick Lamar “DAMN,” and Beach House “B-Sides and Rarities.” I only have a few records thus far, but I’ll let you know how the expansion process goes.

Do you listen to vinyl? What is your favorite thing about it?

Thanks for reading,


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