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Hello and welcome back! As you’ve probably noticed, I gave up on my 2018 writing challenge after deciding that I would prefer posting content that was to my liking, rather than posting on a hasty schedule. At a more comfortable pace, I’m trying to blog once a week instead, and there you have it.

Today’s post comes from a place of admiration and excitement from yours truly. I had the pleasure of getting connected with the creator of my favorite french blog, Maison Fhlurs, and to my enjoyment we’re doing a little Q&A!

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Before we get into the post there are somethings you should know about Sara. She’s an 18-year-old blogger from Europe whose taste in fashion and beauty are ever so french, and I adore it all. On her page, Sara updates us on everything from the highlights of fashion week to the how-to’s of Parisian lifestyle. Her Instagram is also a catalog for french models and bloggers, and I begin craving macarons and Yves Saint Laurent every time it appears on my feed.

When did you start blogging? I actually started blogging at 15, but I started Maison Fhlurs when i just turned 17, I’m 18 now.

What was your intent when creating Maison Fhlurs? To create a place where people could relax enjoy and educate themselves about fast fashion, the runway, and also as an creative outlet for myself.

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What is your favorite post that you’ve made? what a girl of this moment can lurn about philosophy 

Who is your biggest inspiration for beauty? Jeanne Damas

What is your favorite clothing piece or accessory that you have? My wool turtleneck jumper that I always wear.

Do you keep up with trends? I never keep up with trends, I would rather stick to my own style

How would you describe your personal style? Simple, basic, French and still interesting silhouettes.

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Zodiac sign: sagittarius

Favorite literature:  “The Beautiful Fall” by Alicia drake, it’s interesting because it tells you something about the life of fashion designers in the ’70s.

Top 5 favorite songs at the moment:

  1. avf – stromae
  2. la femme – antitaxi
  3. stairway to heaven – led zeplin
  4. rocket man – elton john
  5. la vie en rose – édith piaf

Where is your favorite travel destination? Versailles. I love the history of Versailles and a part of my family lives there. And it’s close to Paris, duh.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years? I hope to be in my own apartment in paris with an amazing boyfriend, and that I have my own design line.

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Sara was lovely enough to take time out of her busy schedule of actually posting daily on her blog (she’s a winner, I know) to answer a few of my questions! So go check out her blog and instagram for me, and I dare you to tell me that you don’t want to buy a beret after looking at her photos.

As always, thank for reading and thank you to Sara for always inspiring,


* edited for length and content

* photos from @fhlurs

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les femmes françaises

frenchDraw me dress me like one of your french girls”

Hello–or should I say bonjour?

Today, I wanted to talk about a trend that I think we’ve all witnessed becoming quite popular in the last several years. I feel like now more than ever it is extremely chic and sought after to imitate the style of une fille français (a french girl).

Free People recently released their newest trend-based collection, and the influence of Parisian style is anything but subtle. It’s everything from neck scarfs to billow-y trench coats and wicker hand bags. Their social media promotions even involve an A-Z french vocabulary lesson in between clips of models prancing around town eating ice cream, painting, and riding bicycles… all things that the French do, of course. The advertisement is fun and creative and so is their new line of French-inspired-styles, but that reminds me, why is it that we fancy the French and their fashion so much?

I’m guilty of this too.french girl I dream about sunbathing on the beaches of Cannes, and walking on cobble stone streets with a sun dress on, my hair unbrushed, and a box of macarons in hand. I have at least 15 coffee-table books that are all titled around the idea of mirroring Parisians. I think there is something incredibly feminine and delicate about looking like a French girl, and that is why it’s so desirable. Even WHO WHAT WEAR released an article just yesterday talking about 8 different ways you can dress like the French. This is more than just people having a thing for berets and eating baguettes.Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.58.46 PM

To elaborate on my answer , I think we desire to dress  and pose ourselves like french women because they have a certain mature and aged style with only a subtle hint of vanity.

I follow this Instagram account, @fhlurs, and its creator who also doubles as a blog writer. On her blog she writes one of the main rules for imitating the ways of the french is to stay cool and stop trying so hard. Her expertise is bringing attention to french lifestyle and fashion. As a reader and follower, I cannot deny that her social media and blog are both beautiful. She captures what it looks like to be a Parisian girl, and I’d be lying it I said I wasn’t envious of the seemingly effortless cool girl that she is. I guess that’s the ultimate reason we want to be like the french so badly.

Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side and I’m simply ignorant to an American style trend that is booming, but as of right now all I’m seeing is french–and I’m loving it. With that being said, the debate is still on for whether or not I will fix a beret into my accessories, but I’ll keep you updated.

For now, au revoir!


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